Hello, my name is Richie Hayes I am an Electrical Engineer who just happens to love pianos. I have 28 years of experience working on acoustic, digital, and hybrid player pianos with an emphasis on PianoDisc and Yamaha Disklavier. I am head technician of Piano Gallery in Murray Utah and I'm a Development Engineer for PianoDisc. My training has been years of experience along with many different courses like Yamaha's Little Red School House and various other Disklavier, Boosendorfer, Samick and PianoDisc service seminars. I'm a certified tech for Disklavier, PianoDisc, Roland and Clavinova.

I love embedded circuit design and that's been my passion for many years. I've come up with a bunch of products for the player piano industry. I have created 3 apps for PianoDisc and also quite a few different gadgets for iQ and Disklavier. I will have a very simple test box for PD techs pretty soon.  I hope that all of this stuff can help somebody out there in some way. If you need to get a hold of me to purchase something or have me create an app or electronic device for you please let me know. Text me at 801-687-5413  or email me at hayesiq@gmail.com I'd love to work with you!
Home of PianoStream!Text 801-687-5413 or Email hayesiq@gmail.com
Check out my baby PD Remote App iPad for iQ systems.
Here is my PD Radio App for iQ
Thank you for downloading PIANOSTREAM! This iOS app is like Pandora for ALL player pianos. Namely any piano which has Digital midi in/out (which is most of them) and also a handful of Analog midi compatible systems such as PianoDisc iQ and Prodigy along with Disklavier Enspire, Mark4, Mark3, e3, DKC850, QRS and even Pianocorder.

We have many EXTREMELY talented Pianists on board and one of which is Italian born MauColi who is simply phenomenal. He can make your piano sing like no other! He's got about 40,000 followers on YouTube now. We sought him out because of his very unique style and the feeling and expression with which he plays. Just wait. You'll see. Click on the pic to hear him play Toto's Africa.
PianoStream has two interfaces:
Mostly for PianoDisc iQ, Prodigy, QRS and PianoCorder. (In some cases this interface will work with Disklavier)
For ALL Disklaviers and QRS player systems. Also works great with PianoDisc PDS128+ and PDS228.