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Welcome to PianoStream! Where we have many EXTREMELY talented Pianists who will make your piano sing like no other. One of which is Italian born MauColi who is simply phenomenal. He has 40,000 subscribers on YouTube. Click on his pic to hear a sample song.
As you now know PIANOSTREAM has two interfaces. Let's concentrate on the DIGITAL interface first. If you have ANY piano with MIDI in/out ports please buy this Yamaha MD-BT01 right away. It will enable PianoStream's DIGITAL interface. (there are other devices out there and I will mention them later but for now this one is the one to get due to its simplicity and robustness)
Please watch these videos and you'll understand PianoStream    PianoStream has two interfaces: Analog and Digital
Slide to MIDI
Now let's connect to a ANY piano that has MIDI in/out Ports. This includes ALL disklaviers except for the Enspire Upright (you'll need a Yamaha UD-BT01 for that piano... It's a USB device. I'll add a link and video. You'll also use the UD-BT01 with the Yamaha Enspire upright. The procedure in this video on how to connect to a midi device is the SAME for ALL Digital and Player Pianos. Please watch this video:
The Yamaha MD-BT01 can be used on the vast majority of Player/Digital pianos. Before you use it, watch this little video it will show you how to update the firmware and how to rename the device.
ANALOG (click on pic)
DIGITAL (click on pic)
Now look for MIDI IN/OUT jacks on your piano.
There is a good chance that you have an Airport Express under your PianoDisc iQ as we speak. Apple discontinued them but sometimes they will work just fine. It depends on the quality of the wifi and other unknown factors in your house. I mention this because PianoStream has an analog interface which might just work with your piano right now. It would still be nice for you to be able to user both interfaces.
To try out the analog side of PianoStream, simply connect to the Airport that you have via Airplay. The airport express has a light on the side of it. If it's green, then it's connected to your wifi. If it's yellow then it's not. I recommend that you connect it to your wifi. This is how you do that.
There is a white triange on both ends of this dongle. The one that points out away from the device goes to the midi in on the piano's control unit.
If you have a PianoDisc iQ, and you have a separate computer (black box under piano that says "HD Silent Drive" or you have a PDS 228 PianoDisc or a QRS which only has one midi input then you should use a battery powered MIDI receiver. Click on link. It will take you to Amazon. I haven't had a chance to work with the usb receiver part of this package. The
If you have a PDS228 once again you will need the self powered midi receiver. If you have a PDS128+ then you can use the Yamaha MD-BT01 because the PDS128+ provides power. If you have a PianoDisc CD Only then you will need to do something else. Hang tight and I'll show you what you'll need. Now I'm going to show you three videos. One will show you how to connect to the MIDI device that you end up using. The other will show you how to use PianoStream Digital with your PDS228 or PDS128+ and the another will show you how to update and rename the MD-BT01.
Connect to PDS128+ and PDS228 like this. This video will also show you how to quickly calibrate your piano:
This video will show you how to use your PDS228 with PianoStream's Digital Interface. With the pds128+ and the PDS228 you will need to have a floppy disk in the floppy drive. With the PDS228 remember you should use the battery powered midi receiver because the unit does not provide power for the midi device. In the video you'll see that I used a 5v power adapter that I designed. You can get on of these from me for $99 but it's easier to just use the battery powered device.
After you try the Analog interface with your PianoDisc iQ and it doesn't seem satisfactory, then let's get you a different wifi audio receiver. Afterall, Apple has discontinued the Airport Express. We have found the best device for iQ (and also for the CD in (analog midi) on the back of the PDS228 and even for Prodigy) is  the Arylic. It's about 60 bucks on Amazon. It's nice because you can have it be a bluetooth receiver if your wifi fights you. If your wifi doens't fight you, then you should have the Arylic join your wifi. It's relatively simple to do. The device comes with instructions. You'll also need to install an app to configure it. The app is called 4stream.
Midi power adapter board that I make for $99. It's easier just to get the batter powered one from Amazon.
Midi power adapter board that I make for $99. It's easier just to get the battery powered one from Amazon.
The Yamaha MD-BT01 and the Digital part of PianoStream will work on pretty much every Disklavier ever made except for the Yamaha upright Enspire. With that particular unit you will need a Yamaha UD-BT01

Here is the UD-BT01 on Amazon:
This YouTube with our very own MauColi shows you how to use the UD-BT01 with a digital piano and the Digital interface of PianoStream. The procedure is the same with the Yamaha Enspire upright. You could also use this device on a Dkc850 and also on a Mark4 Disklavier
Sometimes PianoDisc iQ has a silent drive HD cpu mounted to a beam under the piano. When it does, you should take advantage of it by plugging in a Yamaha md-bt01 with my power adapter or the battery powered adapter seen to the left. This will give you BETTER volume control than you've ever had before and allow you to use PianoStream's Digital Interface.
I've shown this video before, but it will show you how to connect to your Disklavier with PianoStream's Digital interface once you've installed the Yamaha MD-BT01. There are other devices which can be used but this one's the easiest to use. Please watch this video carefully.
Welcome! Wow you're in for a treat if you have a Player Piano! Wait til you hear our stuff playing live on your piano! Look at all those songs! And that's just the beginning! We cover stuff that no one else would EVEN consider!!! Enjoy!